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Aʻlām al-adab al-ʻArabī al-muʻāṣir : siyar wa-siyar dhātīyah / Biographies and autobiographies Contemporary Arab writers : biographies and autobiographies hayʼat taḥrīr Līzlī Tirāmūntīnī, Jūn Dūnūhyū ; bi-musāhamat Īnās Wāynrīsh, Nārā Kanj = Contemporary Arab writers : biographies and autobiographies / edited by Leslie Tramontini, John Donohue ; in collaboration with Ines Weinrich, Nara Kanj. - al-Ṭabʻah al-thāniyah al-mazīdah. - 2 volumes (1445 pages) ; 25 cm. - Beiruter Texte und Studien ; Band 123a . - Beiruter Texte und Studien ; Band 123a. .

This project was begun in 1981 by Robert Campbell and the group at CEMAM (Center for the Study of the Modern Arab World at Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon).

Includes bibliographical references and index.

al-mujallad al-awwal. Abāẓah -- al-Sharqāwī -- al-mujallad al-thānī. Shurayḥ -- al-Yūsuf.

9783899139495 (hd.bd. : ageresistant paper)


Authors, Arab--20th century--Dictionaries.
Authors, Arab--20th century--Biography--Dictionaries.
Arabic literature--20th century--Bio-bibliography.

Arab countries--Bio-bibliography.

PJ7521 / .A43 2013

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